Curriculum - CARE Groups

At Kew Primary School we have adopted the following school values, Co-operation, Acceptance, Respect, Excellence.


  • To increase student understanding and awareness of the school values and student code of conduct
  • Enhance student collaboration and wellbeing in a mixed-aged setting
  • To provide a wholistic welfare program across the school
  • To provide a platform for consistent language and approach to student welfare
  • To build resilience and develop student leadership

 Program outline

A mentor teacher is assigned to a group of about 17-20 students from prep to year 6, who meet once a fortnight to develop a greater understanding of our school values, build resilience and discuss conflict resolution strategies.  Whenever possible the students remain with the assigned mentor teacher for their time at KPS, saying goodbye to year 6 student leaders at the end of each year, and welcoming the new prep students at the beginning of each year.

The program will be in action for Term 2 and 3. The mentor teacher is required to assist and support the year 6 student leaders who are leading their group and participate in the activities whenever possible. The year 6 student leaders will be provided with a ‘kit’ to follow for the duration of the program, so that a consistent message is being delivered to all students The ‘kit’ will be based on our 4 school values; Cooperation, Acceptance, Respect and Excellence.  The activities will have elements of Stop, Think, Do; Friendly Kids, Friendly Classrooms and Bounce Back.   The activities will include circle time, thinking skills and small group activities.  Where possible the focussed value would tie into any whole school events such as, Cultural Diversity Day, Athletics Day, Literacy and Numeracy Week etc.

Every two weeks on a Monday morning at 2.40pm CARE groups will meet at their designated mentor teacher’s room. The year 6 student leaders will collect their buddies as soon as possible just after 2.30 in order to begin their CARE session at 2.40.  The sessions will run from 2.40 - 3.25(45 minute duration).  Students who display CARE values will receive bubbles to attach to the underwater theme outside the Art Room. Every fortnight we celebrate these children with a CARE Dance at Assembly on Friday afternoon.