iPads @ Kew

During school hours students from Year 3 to 6 use iPads in the classroom. iPads and other tablet devices foster 21st century learning skills such as collaboration, digital literacy, inquiry and creativity. We believe iPads are the tool to make learning engaging, relevant to the students and are an integral part of preparing our students for the future.

Students use iPads to enhance their literacy  and numeracy sessions, with applications that allow for shared reading and note taking. Students are able to present their learning in a variety of ways, including posters, keynote presentations, videos, slide shows, mind maps, books and custom designed programs.

We use iPads to bring the world into our classrooms. They open up the classroom to collaboration with other schools, primary information sources and areas of student interest. The iPad device can be used to support learning across the curriculum in a multitude of ways.

The following article has been included with the permission of the editor of the Melbourne Child magazine and Jacqui Tomlins, a freelance writer and a parent in the school community. Jacqui has written this article sharing her experience with the introduction of tablet technology at Kew Primary School. I am sure that you will find Jacqui’s story of special interest.