Student Leadership

All Year 6 students are part of an Action Team. Below are the 2015 Action Teams.

 Physical Action Team

 Delphine, Charlie, Ryan & Isaac
 Skippers – Chelsea & Sofia

 Physical Action Team

 Jake & Ethan
 Skippers - Leon and Will S.

 Physical Action Team

 Abel, Finn  Patty
 Skippers - Aston & Josh

 Physical Action Team

 Cooper, Xavier & James
 Skippers - Ruby & Robbie


 Alison, Nick, Brian & Seth
 Media Moguls - Jonathan & Aidan

 Green Thumbs

 Claire, Gleda & Andrew
 Peace Keepers - Lachlan & Lucas


 Monique, Sam L., Siena, Taylor & Nima
 CEOs - Seb G & Bobby

 Smarty Arties Visual Arts

 Talei, Coco, India, Sasha, Johbert, 
 Mason L, Will K, Yvonne, Raffy, Helen
  & Jessie
 Directors – Angus & Nesta


 Chenti, Zoe, Vicki, Freddy, David,  Deylan, Ethan Ch
 Diplomats – Paris, Sam G & Alex

 Student Voice

 Chloe, Maia, Henry, Seb P & Bridget
 Big Mouth - Holly & Mishu