House Cross Country

Posted on Wednesday 25, July 2018

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Our school CARE values were on display at the House Cross Country event.

Community – the whole event had that amazing community feel. There was excitement, cheering, organisation, which all culminated in a special atmosphere. There was also a community of staff, parent and carer helpers located around the course. Our helpers provided encouragement, support and assistance to all of our students, which allowed them to actively participate and compete successfully

Achievement – the organisation of the event was outstanding in that both excellence and results were celebrated along with participation and doing your personal best. This is often a tricky thing to balance for schools and sporting clubs. Each age group was a competition and the students did race. Our place getters were awarded ribbons and the top 10 will progress to District level of competition. All finishers were cheered and awarded points for their House team.

Resilience – Congratulations to all of the students who pushed themselves out of their comfort zone and well done to those who have made the team to represent our school at District level. Athletic events like cross-country running have a component that requires an individual to push themselves and experience effort and even a little discomfort.

Empathy – as mentioned, there was lots of support and encouragement around the course for all runners. We talk about walking in the shoes of others, well in this case there was lots of running, jogging and shuffling as well. A prime example of this was the active support and empathy demonstrated by our Year 6 leaders, especially those in the Physical Action Team.

Well done to Turaku for winning the day.