Seminar for Fathers

Posted on Wednesday 7, May 2014

The Steve Biddulph - Road to Manhood Seminar

 “… a father teaches his child, through play, how to master energy and angers… and not be flooded by them”.

Steve Biddulph is one of the world’s leading voices for masculine change, and his humourous, warm and honest style have drawn over 140,000 people to his talks in the last 30 years. Steve’s books including Raising Boys, The New Manhood, and Raising Girls, are in four million homes.

This special seminar for men covers the main areas of concern for those men seeking to be freer and happier, more engaged with their families, and more alive in themselves.

Topics include..

  • What makes a whole man.
  • How men got damaged and what helps us to heal.
  • Men and women - getting along, and knowing what you really want.
  • The journey from boy to man.

Steve is an inspiring author and speaker and this is a unique opportunity for you to be part of a something that will help the school, our families and importantly, us as fathers. We are privileged to have someone like Steve at our school and we hope you will be part of this event.

There will be a limit of 120 tickets for this Seminar. We encourage you to bring a male who is significant in your children’s lives, uncle, father, grandfather. It will be first in best dressed for tickets, so you are encouraged to get in early.

When : Thursday 29th May – 7:30pm

Where : Kew Primary School Gymnasium, Peel Street, Kew, 3101

Cost : $30

Booking for men only aged 17 and over :

And much more… and

A Kew Primary School Fathers Association Initative.