Professional Learning Teams


Staff at Kew Primary School work in Professional Learning Teams (PLTs) to assist in the planning and delivery of the key learning areas across the school. Each group is lead by a staff member who has experience and expertise in their field. At Kew, there are the following PLT groups: English, Mathematics, ICT and Student Wellbeing.


  • To develop teacher capacity through Professional Learning
  • To ensure quality teaching and learning practices throughout the school
  • To monitor student achievement
  • To purchase and maintain resources
  • To foster strong links between the school and the parent community.

Teams 2015


 James Penson

 Robin Grace

 Sally Marsh

 Andrew Wood

  Gifted & Talented
  Extension & Enrichment


  TASK Program
  Student Support

  Inquiry Learning
  Assessment & Reporting

  Teaching & Learning


ICT Leadership & Co-ordination: Clio
Student Engagement & Wellbeing Leadership: Clare
Communications & Events Leadership & Co-ordination: James/Robin

Prep PLT

Junior School PLT

Middle School

Senior School


Pedagogy Leader: Diana

Team Manager: Chelsea

ICT Area Leader: Sophie

SEW Area Leader: Chelsea

Communications & Events Leader: Diana/Sophie

Pedagogy Leader: Melissa

Team Manager: Katie

ICT Area Leader: Gayle

SEW Area Leader: BIT/NAT

Communications Leader: Mary

Events Leader: Lee-Ann

Pedagogy Leader: Jacki

Team Manager: Diamanto

ICT Area Leader: Leah

SEW Area Leader: Ally

Communications & Events Leader: Elizabeth

Pedagogy Leader: Sally/Andrew

Team Manager: Sonia

ICT Area Leader: Clio

SEW Area Leader: Sally

Communications & Events Leader: Shelley

Pedagogy Leader: All

Team Manager: Kerry

ICT Area Leader: Carla

SEW Area Leader: Clare

Communications & Events Leader: Michelle